The Observatory Project is an ongoing collaborative arts project seeking to observe and engage with the ways in which scientists and artists operate. The project explores and expands the structure of the observatory as a potential site for artistic and scientific exchange. The website – designed in collaboration with Eamon Edmundson-Wells – draws on the vernacular of research clusters and initiatives such as the SKA (Square Kilometer Array). It's primary function is to link to a series of "observatories", giving real observatories and artworks created for the project the same weight.

The rounded modular boxes on the site's homepage reflect ASINE, a modular synthesisor that features in many of the Observatory Project's activities. Embedded in the links panel of the site is an xy coordinate based sonic tool where an audio-rate ocsilator can be modulated by a low-frequency oscilator. Hovering over a link produces a wave shaped underline effect.

Visit The Observatory Project's website here.