Based in Matakana, smallspace creates beautifully crafted buildings and furniture using innovative applications of locally sourced materials. Each project is a one-off design specifically created to sit sensitively within its environment. An important part of smallspace's ethos is to work closely with local artisans and craftspeople to enrich their buildings and to create unique and interesting spaces that are environmentally low-impact.

During the second half of 2019, we designed and built a responsive mobile and desktop website for smallspace. This included making a custom font wich could be used as a logotype for the company. On the site and in our overall design, line elements feature heavily. These were made in response to smallspace's technical drawings, which are all beautifully hand-drawn. We also are responsible for the majority of the photography on the site - including a short video for their renovation project out at Pakiri. It was great to be able to spend time with smallspace's builds, and we look forwards to working with them on their future projects.

Visit here, and check out their instagram here.

Smallspace bold, custom all-caps font and logotype

Pakiri, 4k video, stereo digital sound, 3:24 duration. Produced by co-text.